Soul Illumination

Welcome to the Soul Illumination experience. 

This is a conscious community circle that will allow you the freedom to explore your big mission & purpose in this lifetime. 

Soul Illumination is here to assist you in cultivating authentic, healing relationships; befriend what’s holding you back and awaken your spiritual gifts and embody your leadership.

We bring together entrepreneurs, sensitive souls, fellow coaches, and other magical folks who are discovering their footing in this reality and seeking to become abundantly resourced so that they can unlock their potential, give their gifts to this life with confidence and embrace their highest calling mission, and purpose. 

Let us be honest — healing the soul and awakening can be a lonely journey.

No matter how you slice it, human beings are meant to be in a conscious community. When it comes to meeting human needs, achieving goals, building new habits, learning how to take up space, express our emotions, reframing the belief system, and creating holistic change, warm, tribal support is absolutely necessary. We heal in community.

Soul Illumination is a judgement free sacred community space for heart-centered folks to be supported and empowered on their journey, make fulfilling connections, and hold each other accountable to owning our greatness and getting transformative mind body and soul results personally and professionally. 

Together we rise and transform. Through an inner circle that is committed to discipline, expansion, fun, growth and contribution and supporting one another into beautiful states and whole world benefits. 


Soul Illumination Offerings are for you if…

  • You have always felt like the rainbow unicorn of your family and friends.
  • You are deeply heart centered, connected but you don’t have an outlet and your heart aches for community connection
  • You are seeking support and accountability in a safe space away from social media.
  • Youre ready to own your voice and embody your leadership.
  • You are seeking to awaken your confidence,  personal habits & practices, self acceptance and consciousness.
  • You know what you want but need tangible steps to make the next move; in life, in relationships, or even in your health.
  • Youre ready for more magnetism authenticity and availability in your relationships.
  • You’re ready to create MASSIVE POSITIVE MOMENTUM, have more FUN and TRANSFORM your life!

Your Higher Self Guides

Amanda is a force. A true Power House of love that isn’t afraid to get dirty. She is innately a creator and entrepreneur. Professionally, she founded the company Basic All Natural Skincare. With that she finds herself fueling more of her creativity by creating and managing the photography and videography for Capitol Floats a sensory deprivation epsom salt float tank and wellness center.

Amanda is a certified Kambo Practitioner and a true embodiment of wisdom with her experience in plant medicine journeys. She is innately intelligent and is truly in tune with her intuition that she can easily assist people with guidance on their awakening journey. She has assisted many in moving away from drugs/alcohol and transitioning into a sober lifestyle. She has been referred to the bridge in many instances of her friendships. Much of her personal journey her lessons that she has learned are reflected in those around her that she crosses paths with. 

Her mission is to help peel back the layers and provide a safe space for expression. She is an emotional alchemist who transforms wounds into wisdom, and teaches you to mine the gems from your experiences, no matter how devastating or mundane. Her compassion and experience will help you tap into your innate wisdom and bridge the gaps and delve into your true mission and purpose. Expect to have a lot of breakthroughs emotionally and physically, to laugh a lot, and have your heart blasted open!

Ella is an intuitive natural healer and reflector. Ella is a certified Reiki Practitioner and Integrative Health Practitioner, and ShaktiRize Yoga instructor. From a young age she was innately drawn to the idea that knowledge is power. Ella has logged thousands of hours dedicated to studying regenerative health & longevity, kinesiology, cranial sacral adjustment, nervous system alignment, biofield tuning, relationship dynamics, and the connection all these topics have to the energetic frequency of our bodies.

Professionally she has founded her own Integrative Health Coaching Practice under the name Elevate Vibrancy; where there is a focus on 7 integrative disciplines of natural healing. This practice includes Ayurvedic Medicine: The Science of life & body-typing, Bioregulatory: The Science of self-healing & rebalancing, Chinese medicine & Herbalism: Unlocking nature’s healing wisdom, Eastern Philosophy: Using the body and mind to heal, Traditional Naturopathy: Using lifestyle shifts to reverse illness, Orthomolecular Medicine: The science of vitamins and minerals as medicine and Functional Medicine: state of the art lab testing to pinpoint underlying root causal issues.

She is a former music educator for children, has assisted immigrants getting citizenship, and has been a customer service provider in wellness spaces, restaurants and professional offices. Ella is embodiment of feminine wisdom. Her mission is to unpack the layers of stress, anxiety, and self doubt in order to reveal radiant truth, love and peace that you are to your core. While simultaneously offering multiple healing modalities to help you rebalance your physical body so you can embody your unique frequency.

This dynamic duo that is Soul Illumination will be the alchemy of your healing journey. And will assist you in find the support community you have been searching for. We host healing retreats, community events, and pop in and out of events around the northern california region. We will keep you in the know as this develops and we look forward to sharing healing space with each and every one of you!