Quitting Coffee in my 20’s?!

Ella Hennessey 

March 15, 2022 * 7 min

The rumors are true the effects of having coffee daily does not resonate with me anymore so let's talk about why.

If this is the first ever blog you are reading from me,  welcome to my page. This is Elevate Vibrancy where I discuss cutting edge holistic health tips and non toxic lifestyle things that you may not get from just any old non-toxic content creator. 

This may seem nuts to see a college student in their 20’s who isn’t indulging in coffee to stay at their pique performance on a daily basis. It is completely against the standard quo. However, here at Elevate Vibrancy we don’t really follow social expectations we tap into the body’s intelligence. When that happens you begin to discover mind altering substances are not needed in order to start your day.

Today I am going to be talking about the common effects of coffee and why I no longer include it in my daily routine. I will also be letting you in on some substitution secrets that will boost your brain for daily activities in the most natural way.

As someone who has developed a passion for the importance of a regulated nervous system and staying in the parasympathetic state. If you’ve never done a deep dive to understand how your nervous system functions and how to keep yourself in a calm state of mind, body and spirit the book, Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve is a great place to start. 

Now back to coffee… since we are habitual humans who rely on routine as an innate part of our existence I notice there are certain routines or habits that can become unhealthy if there is a reliance on them. Coffee is one of those substances that our culture and society norms tell us is just part of the everyday routine. I would not be surprised if you told me the first thing you have in the morning is your cup of jo. However, I hate to break this to you… but having that stimulant before having food is not good for your body. In fact your cortisol levels sky rocket, increases adrenaline, puts your nervous system in a sympathetic state, and it depletes your body of essential minerals which are responsible for creating energy in your body.


The diuretic effects of caffeine can lead to frequent urination which causes mineral loss. When we pee, sweat and exercise in excess we excrete minerals so if it is amplified with the effects of coffee before food we can easily develop an imbalance in our system. Without a steady stream of minerals coming back into the system the depletion becomes very apparent and reflects itself in energy, hormone imbalance, digestive issues, and much much more. So now that I have decided to not use coffee as a crutch and more of an intentional treat my body continues to thank me in ways that I can see. 

Some things I have noticed in my body since not regularly consuming coffee:

– my mood/energy level is much more consistent

-my digestion is better flowing

-my nervous system is more balanced

-I am having deep restful sleep

-I feel more hydrated

– And best of all I feel like myself!!

So what are some mineralized solutions you can implement into your daily routine you may be asking. And if you too are thinking of cutting coffee out of your daily diet I will be mentioning what I make on the day to day as well. I don’t believe restriction is the answer if I am out at a coffee shop with friends such I will have a cup but its all about intention. I believe having healthy sacred practices when it comes to consuming anything is the best way to go about consuming things.



hydration tip!


So to stay hydrated throughout my day…

I start my day with filtered luke-warm water. If you need suggestions of what brands to use for filtration systems Pristine Hydro Crystal Quest and Greenfield Water Solutions are my top two favorites. There are more options on the shop tab of my website. I add a pinch of redmond real salt, a few drops of Omni Blue Ocean Minerals a squeeze of lemon, and a few drops of shilajit because that initiates the electrical currency for the individual cells to get the hydration.

My Mushroom Cacao Frother

Then once I’ve gotten my day started I get together the ingredients to my my favorite mushroom frother. 

~ 1 scoop of ancient nutrition collagen

~ 1 scoop of ceremonial drinking Cacao

~ 1 scoop of 6 mix Mushroom mix

~ 1 scoop of Chaga Mushroom

~ 1/2 scoop of Lions Mane mushroom

~ 1/2 scoop of Tremella Mushroom

~ 1 teaspoon of manuka honey

~ 1 packet of Cymbiotika’s Liposomal Magnesium L-threonate

~ 1 teaspoon of Cymbiotika’s “fudge sauce”

~ 1 full pipet of Cultivate Elevate’s shilajit if you prefer the original resin form of shilajit Cybiotika has some too

~ teaspoon of organic vanilla extract

~ Sprinkle of cinnamon

~ sprinkle of cardamom 

Blend it all up with a frother, warm water and raw milk and enjoy!! 

If you are in california this is the company I support. You can find it for retail at sprouts farmers market and other health food stores.


Now to close things out I figured I would provide you with some whys…

Why Raw Milk?

It is unprocessed, tested, whole, and living with all of its beneficial, probiotic bacteria. It is not pasteurized (heated), homogenized (crushed) or in any way altered. Your body craves nutrient dense properties so feed your gut what it wants!

Why Mushrooms?

Lions mane: shown to help regenerate neural pathways

Tremella: Boosts vitamin D and assists in hair, skin, and nail health

Cordyceps: Healing lungs, promotes anti-aging, and improves memory

Reishi: Balancing central nervous system

Maitake: Vitamin D boost and immune system benefits

Meshima: Boosts immunity and pulls radiation from the body

Why Shilajit?

Shilajit contains dibenzo-alphapyones and related metabolites, small peptides, humic acid, some lipids, uronic acids, phenolic glucosides, amino acids, and fulvic acid. Shilajit also contains more than 84 minerals including copper, silver, zinc, iron and lead in their ionic forms. [ 12, 13, 18

In Ayurveda it is known as Swarna Bhasma, traditionally applied for cases of diabetes, arthritis, asthma, nervous system disorder, and other clinical settings. Additionally one may notice an increase of oxygen levels, IQ, work as a mood enhancer and promote healthy joints.

Fulvic acid acts as a carrier molecule in the human system, helps in the transportation of nutrients into the deep tissues, and removes deep-seated toxins from the body. [19]

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