Soul Illumination Kambo Ceremony

Kambo is a powerful frog medicine used by the indigenous people of the Amazon. It has powerful healing and detoxifying qualities. Kambo medicine gives a massive boost to the immune system and brings renewed vitality to the body.

Kambo is famously known as the “vaccine of the forest” is it a natual medicine that has assisted in the healing of the mind, body and soul. It is extracted from the waxy monkey tree frog and they are unharmed during this process.

Amazon tribes use Kambo before going out to hunt in order to clear “Panema” which is the indigenous term for bad luck. They tend to view bad luck as a frog that clouds the mind and aura which gets stored by the cells in the form of stress and bad memories. It has also been used for fertility issues and as a medicine to assist women when they give birth.

What are the peptides in Kambo?

Kambo is one of the strongest anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antimicrobial, and anesthetic substances on the planet.

In essence the secretion of the Kambo contains several dozen peptides and neuropeptides. Which include:

  • Dermorphin & Deltorphin – Powerful pain killers without addictive effects.

  • Phyllomedusin & Phyllocaerulein – Which contribute to purging of toxins amounts other things.

  • Tachykinins – Support and regulate the immune system

  • Dermaseptin – Anti Viral and there is compelling evidence that is useful as a cancer treatment

All of these bioavailable peptides work together to clear the lymphatic system and clear the digestive system and liver.

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meet amanda the certified kambo practitioner.

and ella (myself) her assistant who specializes reiki, biofield tuning, massage, and healthful holistic nutrition guidance.

why would kambo be right for you?

Kambo has the power to elevate your emotional and physical essence. It is non-hallucinogenic- meaning you are completely present during your individual purge. 

Everyone purges differently. But many tend to vomit, poop, and experience metabolic body shakes. This ailment only lasts 15-20 minutes. And Amanda and I are here every step of the way to guide you through the process. We invite each of our clients to take a moment to set intentions before delving into the Kambo medicine. We spend time using ceremonial traditions that honor the tribes that have used this medicine throughout time.

If this experience piques your interest. You can message us directly to get more information about the process and work your way towards booking a session with us.


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