How to have a long, deep, peaceful sleep <3

Ella Hennessey

April 8, 2022 *8 min

Today I was called to share with you all of my wisdom and experiences, thoughts and opinions on … [ drumroll please ] … S L E E P ! 

Was that anticlimactic? Did you just click off the page? Or are you intrigued about what I’m going to share with you? Hopefully the latter.

Sleep is one of the foundational pillars of whole-istic health. *Good* sleep plays a crucial role in the state of our well-being in every way – mental health, physical health, emotional and even spiritual health. A lack of sleep is one of the biggest culprits of ageing quickly and these are just a few reasons to treasure your sleep sooner rather than later.

Let me preface this by saying that I have never ever had any sort of sleeping issues whatsoever. I have never struggled with insomnia or overthinking and having my brain going a million miles an hour when I’m trying to sleep, or even just taking a long time to actually fall asleep. Quite the opposite. Approximately 7 seconds after my head hits the pillow – I’m out. Genuinely. And I sleep deeply through the whole night.

I heard a while ago that the average time that it takes for someone to fall asleep is 7 minutes. That may seem quick to you but it’s a lifetime for me.

The point I’m trying to make is that I have the perfect dream sleep. 

I brush my teeth and get into bed and my brain was so loud and messy that I feel physically dizzy.

However, there was a short tid bit of time where it was taking me about an HOUR of tossing and turning and mental breakdowns to finally fall asleep, and once I did, my brain was still so switched on and over-stimulated from all the late-night work shifts that it woke my body up every 30 fucking minutes. It. Was. Awful. At one point, around 3:30am, I just got up – pissed as hell – and went out to the living room and just stayed up on the sofa because I simply could not take it.

This nightmare, though nightmare-ish, sparked and prompted me to share this and opened my mind to the importance of good sleep and how easy it is to push yourself off-balance. Now if you are interested in learning how to rebalance your body then this is the way to do it. Implementing small shifts that will make a big difference in the long run.

So, here are my best tips on how to have a long, deep, peaceful sleep :

1. Log off all devices at least an hour before going to sleep. Do not look at any screens. If do do look at screens change the settings to a deep red color or nighttime mode to cleanse your eyes from daylight mode which os what blue light and LED tend to promote to your body’s internal clock. On the note of logging off of your devices,  I turn off my mobile phone, turn off my WiFi & move my bed away from the wall when possible because electricity soars through the walls like no tomorrow, so it is essential that we take those things into consideration. It is also important to scatter EMF mitigating devices around the home as they are necessarily to balancing the toxic frequencies and allowing our bodies to be protected from them and harmonize naturally with them. Some brands I use for this purpose are Aires LIFETUNE device (ELEVATE15) , SOMAVEDIC (ELLA), and EMF Harmonized. 

2. Turn the bright lights off! We are biologically connected to light – especially the Sun – and our bodies naturally begin to get sleepy at a certain time when the sky gets dark and the Sun is fully gone. When we go to the bathroom or brush our teeth with the light on, it interferes with our body, and switches us back to “IT’S DAYTIME!” mode. Have you ever been super tired but after turning a bright light on that sleepiness vanishes? This is why. Don’t do it! Keep the lights off (unless it’s a very dim / subtle and warm toned light like a himalayan salt lamp or something). 

3. Try doing some light yoga / stretching and conscious nose breathing / meditation before bed. This really calms the mind and body, allowing them to relax and soften, preparing for a deep, peaceful rest. If you’re someone that tends to stress and overthink and do a lot of things on a daily basis, you need to do this, and not just at night but every change you get. Do not allow your body to stress. Stress is literally deadly and is the cause of nearly every dis-ease that occurs in the body.

Chill out, b r e a t h e slowly. Return to your body. To your breath. To the present moment. Let go of the things that are out of your control. The things you’ve been carrying. Let go. Put your hands on your belly or Heart and just breathe.

4. Stop consuming your final meal of the day about 3 hours before you go to rest. Your body and brain are all so intertwined your digestive tract is filled with vagal nerve endings. We are looking for that rest and digest state of being. If your body is still attempting to digest food as you are trying to fall asleep your body favors its energy towards computing the food into fuel. Keeping your vagal nerve stimulated in a not so relaxed way can cause disruptions in the sleep cycle.


5. Another trick I adore  as part of my routine is taking epsom salt baths. Our bodies crave magnesium both topically and as a supplemental mineral. So I usually do a salty bath Enviromedica Ancient Minerals while sipping on an herbal tonic + tea with magnesium drops.  

For other topical magnesium types.

Magnesium Lotion Goodnight

Earthley Wellness Goodnight Lotion


 For my Drink:

~ Herbal Tea of Choice or warm water

~Dream by Anima Mundi

~Adrenal Super tonic by Cymbiotika

~Omni Blue Ocean Minerals

~ Full spectrum CBD tincture you can use any kind that you would like but the ones I used for mine I use Eathley Wellness Anxiety Calm Oil

Other herbal tinctures:

~Sleepy Time Herbal Extract by Earthley Wellness

~Master Tonic for Adrenal Support

~Natural Balance Tincture

~Anxiety Relief Herbal Extract

If the tincture isn’t for you much of the time I will recommend a full spectrum magnesium capsule or a magnesium bicarbonate supplement a few of my favorite brands are:

LifeBlud Magnesium Bicarbonate

LifeBlud MAG+

Calming Magnesium by Equilife

Full Spectrum Magnesium by Equilife



If you are someone who appreciates understanding the metrics behind a better or worse sleep there are always devices you can invest in to understand benefits of certain actions you take. A few to note are the measurements of emf exposure, measurements your heart rate (HRV), and even just noticing your breath rate. Investing in a grounding bed pad can also be a beneficial investment as we come from nature and when we connect to the frequencies of nature not artificial creation our body’s rhythms tend to sync back into tune. Some reliable brands for this would be Saminaearthing or MITO LIFE

When I implement some of these daily evening rituals my body is in more of a relaxed, para-sympathetic state – which means I repair and recover better.

If you use an EMF reader near the walls (on the appropriate setting) it will show you how much electricity runs past the back of your bed head. If you pull the bed away from the wall it reduces dramatically. 

The point is, if you want to sleep better but haven’t tried these things, and don’t own blue light blocking glasses – you’ll never improve your sleep, and will age faster. If you are interested in purchasing blue light blocking glasses Barkleys is the brand that I use.

If you live in an apartment with WiFi from all apartments around you, whilst it’s not ideal, it’s much weaker when coming through walls, so thinking it won’t make a difference leaving yours on, is wrong.

Every little bit helps.

Try it. Let me know how it goes.

If you implement any of these things feel free to message me! 

@elevatevibrancy on instagram

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