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Welcome to my secret page! This is underground info until I get my store front up and running! These will hopefully be available there when the time comes to open! Anywho ENJOYYY!
Welcome to my personal resources page! This is the spot where I’ll continue to update and share my favorite products that I use all the time and that I want to recommend to my friends and health coach clients. All of these products have been meticulously researched and reviewed to be clean and safe for you and your loved ones.

I only link to products I personally use and support. Now enjoy the recommendations and let me know if you have any questions!

Some tools to assist you on your non-toxic living & personal healing journey

non-toxic body care products

I have completely quit using perfumes that are sold on the shelves of retail stores. Vibrant blue oils and Gitman essential oils are my go to preferred scents. 

Dental Care



Plaine Products: Refill program, non-toxic

Shampoo + Conditioner duo 

Living Libations:

Scalp Tonic

Seabuckthorn Styling Serum

Earthley Wellness

Leave in conditioner


environmental toxin mitigation
air, water and energy purification.


Basic All NaturaL Skincare : 

My favorite ways my skin’s glow NATURALLY

If you follow along Soul Illumination you would know the creator of this brand is Amanda who truly has it nailed in when it comes to natural esthetician info!!

Amethyst Face serum 

Basic Healing Topical

Basic Under Eye Serum

Use Code : (Ella) for 15% discount

Living Libations:

Everybody Loves the Sunshine Sun Harmonizing Oil

Everybody Loves the Sunshine Sun Harmonizing Zinc Lotion

Primal Life Organics:

Carrot Seed Cleanser

Carrot Seed Elixir (Face Serum) 

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