Elevate Vibrancy Introduction Post

Ella Hennessey 

Feb 02, 2022 * 4 min

Hello friend, welcome to the Blog Spot of this website! This is the place where as I writer I will be able to express my journey of transitioning to clean non-toxic living and lifestyle. And simply any life changes I am going through as a person who is passionate about health and helping others heal themselves naturally.

I have been passionate about transitioning to non-toxic clean products since I was a kid and now that I have made the leap to further my education around the beauty of living clean and educating others on how to live a lifestyle that supports overall health and wellness, I figured this is the prime time to begin sharing my story and allowing people to read about my journey and what I have found to be the most beneficial.

Ella Hennessey : reiki + cranial-sacral session post kambo ceremony

This is a picture of Carrie hennessey - Soprano and Ella Hennessey

As many of you may or may not know I am the daughter of a family of artists. For so long in my life I have been asked a multitude of times when would I step in line with my purpose and follow along in my family footsteps of artistry? What art will you provide to the world and will it be music!? Well it turns out these days my future lies in a separate type of art, the healing arts.

My mother is an opera singer and performance art teacher and my father is a drummer for local bands and has always had the passion for music as well. I grew up thinking about how I would one day become a singer songwriter with all of my lyrics displayed in song.

 From the moment I could write I have been filling my journals to the brim. Don’t get me wrong I loved to build bridges together and develop the connections between lyrics and song. This photo is actually from a musical collaboration I participated in a few years ago where my poetry was put to music in a very special way, where my mother sang it for a concert. 

I realized after dabbling in a vast amount of work fields such as assisting in a chiropractic office, teaching immigrant children the importance of music, immigration law work, and customer care services both restaurant industry and self care centers helped me come to terms with the passion I have for writing and caring for others.  

So here we are. I still love to write and so that is the purpose of building this Blog. I want to share my journey with health and wellness. As well as let you in on some of my healthful secrets and simply the reason why I decided to shift my gears and really focus on using non-toxic products and natural holistic brands.

This is a picture of "Hennessey on Drums"

Above is a picture taken just after I made the decision to follow my gut. Soul Illumination was born and I decided I will no longer be living within a conditional reality. 

This is me stepping into my gifts for the first time as something to offer to the public and it feels so good. I simply stopped creating unnecessary time lags and stopped myself from putting up conditional walls where I wasn’t allowing myself to have exactly what I desire from life and my life purpose.  Which is to assist people in their healing whether it be physical health or mental wellbeing.

Once I said goodbye to conditional reality and conventional timelines I created the name of my website, got clear with exactly what I need to offer people and allowed the space in my reality to begin creating the kambo ceremony duo with Amanda, known as Soul Illumination.

 I am going to take things slowly and integrate into the habit of creating blog posts. 

I am overjoyed to be officially igniting the passion I have for writing through this platform. While learning how to self publish a poetry book because that is in the works as something I am welcoming into my reality too. So just keep your eyes peeled as I slowly fill you in on life updates here as I am moving through major lifestyle shifts, integrating my new professional endeavors, and creatively expressing myself as the nature loving, empathetic and holistic health empowered human that I am. 


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