Miss Ella-Frances: Hennessey is an intuitive natural healer and reflector. She is a creative writer, ceremonialist, and ancestral chef. She’s a certified Reiki Practitioner and Integrative Health Practitioner, and ShaktiRize Yoga instructor. From a young age she was innately drawn to the idea that knowledge is power. Ella has logged thousands of hours dedicated to studying regenerative health & longevity, kinesiology, cranial sacral adjustment, German New Medicine, nervous system alignment, biofield tuning, relationship dynamics, and the connection all these topics have to the energetic frequency of our bodies.

Professionally she has founded her own Integrative Health Coaching Practice under the name Elevate Vibrancy; where the there is a focus on 7 integrative disciplines of natural healing. This practice includes Ayurvedic Medicine: The Science of life & body-typing, Bioregulatory: The Science of self-healing & rebalancing, Chinese medicine & Herbalism: Unlocking nature’s healing wisdom, Eastern Philosophy: Using the body and mind to heal, Traditional Naturopathy: Using lifestyle shifts to reverse illness, Orthomolecular Medicine: The science of vitamins and minerals as medicine and Functional Medicine: state of the art lab testing to pinpoint underlying root causal issues

She is a former music educator for children. So this playful spirit gets pulled into what she creates in her business. Ella is embodiment of feminine wisdom. Her mission is to unpack the layers of stress, anxiety, and self doubt in order to reveal radiant truth, love and peace that you are to your core. While simultaneously offering multiple healing modalities to help you rebalance your physical body so you can embody your unique frequency. 

Hello Welcome to Elevate Vibrancy! My name is Ella Hennessey and I am here to bring YOU back into your body and back into your balance!

Despite all what you’ve been told your body was created to heal. Sometimes it just needs a little help.

Let’s Elevate your Vibrancy together and get you back into your body’s homeostasis.

If you are looking to:

-Build a healthy relationship with food

-Become in tune with foods your body loves VS. what it doesn’t

-Curate knowledge on what foods are gut healthy + which are not

-Learn proper hydration

-Understand the importance of mineralization

-Learn to read food labels

-Begin to learn healthy alternatives to your favorite foods.

-Curate the skill to create healthy balanced meals that are simple + delicious

-Understanding what it truly means to rebalance your body’s system

including proper detoxification

-Learn to eating + exercise for your particular body type

– Formulate daily rituals to wash away Fatigue and support your

evolution in healthful living

Let’s live well nourished so we can live our best adventures!

 Review the Abouts and Services Page for more information!

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